Mandatory Training (cont'd)

Purpose:  To maintain a strict control over annual mandatory training and job-related training.
Background:  The University of Houston has mandatory on-line training classes that outline the university policy and procedures, as well as employee expectations and requirements in their job performance.
PT. I: Training To Be Completed By All Employees
PT. II: Training/Reporting For Regular Benefit Eligible Employees
PT. III: Job Related Training
PT. IV: Finance Based Training
PT. V: Finance Based Training Courses
PT. VI: Staff Training Matrix
PT. VII: Staff Notification, Requesting Training, and Documentation
PT. VIII: Follow-up On Outstanding Training
PT. IX: New Staff On-line Training
PT. X: Conflict of Interest (COI) and Confidentiality Statement
Review and Responsibility: 
  • Responsible Party: Director, NSM Business Operations
  • Review: Every two years, on or before August 31
  • Director, NSM Business Operations - Fred McGhee
  • Dean, NSM - John Bear
  • Date of Dean's Approval: 09/01/2008

VII: Staff Notification, Requesting Training, and Documentation

Each fiscal year, the university establishes a deadline for mandatory training. Finance and Administration or Human Resources notifies staff via email about this deadline. Instructions about registering and taking the class is included in the email. Additionally, at the beginning of each fiscal year, the Department Business Administrator will notify, via email, all employees required to take finance related training, specifying each required class and the deadline for completion. Employees must register themselves for each class. All classes require advance registration, and are available within 48 hours of registration. Classes can be requested through P.A.S.S. at or Human Resources at After taking each course, employees will be required to take a short quiz and obtain the minimum grade shown.

VIII: Follow-up on Outstanding Training

The Department Business Administrator is responsible for ensuring that all staff have taken their required training by the established deadline date (usually each December 31st). No less often than monthly, the Staff Training Matrix will be updated and reviewed for those employees with outstanding training. Repeated email reminders will be sent to employees with outstanding training as well as their supervisors, until all required training is completed. The Director of Business Operations or College Business Administrator will be notified of all employees who have not completed the training by the specified deadline. Supervisors are required to assist in ensuring that their direct reports have completed all required training as well. After an additional reminder, a list of employees with outstanding training will be reported to the Dean.

IX: New Staff On-line Training

Newly hired employees have 30 days in which to complete New Hire Training Courses. In addition to the mandatory on-line training for new Staff members, during the fiscal year, required training will be determined for each new staff member in accordance with assigned job duties, and added to the Staff Training Matrix. Department Business Administrators will instruct new employees on how to request on-line training as well as provide a list of their required training. The Department Business Administrator is responsible for ensuring that new staff complete all required training. Finance required training must be completed prior to the employee performing the specific finance related function.

X: Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Statement

All employees, including part-time non-benefits eligible staff, are required to sign an annual Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Statement. New employees are required to sign the COI statement on their first day of employment. The COI will be added to the Staff Training Matrix in order to track who has completed the form each year. The Department Business Administrator will distribute the COI form to all employees no later than each October 1st, stipulating a deadline date for the return of the signed form. A copy of the signed form will be retained in the employee's personnel file. For faculty members, a copy will be saved in RD2K. The same procedures for ensuring completion of on-line training, as outlined above, will be followed for the COI Statement.