Payroll (cont'd)

Purpose: This document sets forth requirements for maintaining and updating employee personal information.
References: Human Resources Procedures
PT. I: Change of Address, Phone, Name; Directory Services PT. IX: Terminating Employees
PT. II: Hiring Employees PT. X: Routing Approvals for PAR's and Position Requests
PT. III: Leave Accountability PT. XI: Time & Labor and Effort Reporting
PT. IV: Payroll Filing Procedures PT. XII: Work Study Earnings Procedures
PT. V: Payroll Verification PT. XIII: PeopleSoft HRMS Reports
PT. VI: Payroll Checks PT. XIV: Appendix/References
PT. VII: Payroll Reallocations PT. XV: Pending Time and Labor Process for Monthly Employees
PT. VIII: Personnel and Payroll Changes    
Review and Responsibility:
  • Responsible Party: Director, NSM Business Operations
  • Review: Every two years, on or before August 31
  • Director, NSM Business Operations - Fred McGhee
  • Dean, NSM - John Bear
  • Date of Dean's Approval: 09/01/2008

Payroll Filing Procedures

Payroll Files

  1. The following payroll file sections are maintained in a file cabinet in the Payroll Coordinator's office:
    File Section Hanging Folder Manilla Folder Contents
    Biweekly Payroll File Drawer One for each pay period: B22, B23, etc.
    • Time Sheets
    • Leave Request Forms
    • Check Registers
    • Payroll Verification Reports
    As Labeled
    Monthly Payroll File Drawer One for each pay period: M19, M20, etc.
    • Time Sheets
    • Leave Request Forms
    • Check Registers
    • Payroll Verification Reports
    As Labeled
    Off-Cycle (Supplemental) Payroll File  
    • Off-Cycle Check Registers: (Month) One for each month, September to August
    Off-cycle check registers
    Leave Reconciliation File Drawer  
    • Leave Reconciliation: (Month) One for each month, September to August
    Leave Accrual Report and Lost Time Reconciliation
  2. At the end of each fiscal year, the payroll folders should be archived and a new set of folders created for the upcoming year.
  3. Archived folders are to be maintained for four (4) years.

II. Personnel Files

  1. Department must identify current and inactive employee filing areas. Files for all employees who are currently employed should be kept in a "current" file drawer. Files for employees who have been terminated should be archived to an "inactive" file drawer for five (5) years after termination.
  2. Set up employee files as follows:
    1. Create a hanging file folder for each employee.
    2. Create manilla file folders to place inside each hanging file as follows:
      Folder Name Contents Students, Non Ben, & Temp Employees Benefits Eligible Staff Benefits Eligible Faculty
      1. PAR's
      2. Faculty Folder for non-tenure track faculty
      x x x
      Evaluations Performance evaluations n/a x x
      1. Correspondence
      2. Miscellaneous documents
      3. Key request forms
        x x
      1. New Hire paperwork (application, offer letter)
      2. Copies of annual salary memos and other salary related correspondence
      3. Termination paperwork (resignation letter, termination clearance, etc)
        x x
      Counseling Notes, memoranda, or reports relating to the counseling of an employee for work-related, personal or substance abuse problems.   As needed As needed
  3. FILING ORDER: Documents are filed in date order with the most current document in front.
  4. LABELS: Labels should be in the Format: Last Name, First Name: << FolderName >>
    • Doe, Janet: PAR
    • Doe, Janet: Evaluations
    • Doe, Janet: Miscellaneous
    • Doe, Janet: Hiring/Salary
  • Retention Schedule
    • PAR's - 2 yrs
    • Employment applications (resumes, transcripts, etc) - 5 yrs
    • Evaluations - 2 yrs

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