Payroll (cont'd)

Purpose: This document sets forth requirements for maintaining and updating employee personal information.
References: Human Resources Procedures
PT. I: Change of Address, Phone, Name; Directory Services PT. IX: Terminating Employees
PT. II: Hiring Employees PT. X: Routing Approvals for PAR's and Position Requests
PT. III: Leave Accountability PT. XI: Time & Labor and Effort Reporting
PT. IV: Payroll Filing Procedures PT. XII: Work Study Earnings Procedures
PT. V: Payroll Verification PT. XIII: PeopleSoft HRMS Reports
PT. VI: Payroll Checks PT. XIV: Appendix/References
PT. VII: Payroll Reallocations PT. XV: Pending Time and Labor Process for Monthly Employees
PT. VIII: Personnel and Payroll Changes    
Review and Responsibility:
  • Responsible Party: Director, NSM Business Operations
  • Review: Every two years, on or before August 31
  • Director, NSM Business Operations - Fred McGhee
  • Dean, NSM - John Bear
  • Date of Dean's Approval: 09/01/2008

Payroll Verification

Departments will maintain procedures to verify the following payroll activities.

Leave Accountability

  • Leave must be documented on leave request forms.
  • Leave must be approved by appropriate level of management.
  • Copies of leave request forms must be maintained in the department.
  • Leave must be reconciled to the payroll system.

Time & Effort Reports (Time Sheets)

  • Time sheets must be accurately completed.
  • Time sheets must have employee's and supervisor's signature.
  • All time sheets must be accounted for.
  • Time sheets must be submitted to the Payroll Department by due date.
  • Copies of time sheets must be maintained in the department.
  • Employees account for 100% of their time during regularly scheduled workdays in an accurate and timely manner.

Payroll Verification

  • Time sheets must be reconciled to university trial payroll verification reports and to check registers.

Creation and Maintenance of a Computer File

Create and maintain a computer file for all biweekly employees. Update it as personnel changes are made.

Verification of Printed Time Sheets

Time sheets are printed and distributed to the College. The College distributes them to departments.

  1. Gather the following:
    • Time Sheets
    • Department's BiWeekly Employee Roster OR Department's Monthly Time Sheet Checklist
  2. Using the Department's Biweekly Employee Roster or the Monthly Time Sheet Check List for the pay period, compare the following information:
    • Name
    • Position #
    • Rate of Pay
  3. If any of the information is inaccurate, notify the DBA. Corrections are to be made as indicated in MAPP Policy 02.05.02 Section VIII.
  4. If a time sheet is missing for an employee, the department must print one.
  5. Place a check mark in the appropriate column of the department roster or checklist to indicate that a time sheet has been printed for the employee and is correct.

Distribution of Time Sheets to Employees

  1. Make copies
    Make a copy of the time sheets before distributing to employees and place the copies in the pay period folder in Payroll Coordinator's office.
  2. Distribution of Time Sheets
    Time sheets will be distributed as follows:
    • Faculty and department office staff time sheets will be placed in their mailboxes.
    • All student and non-office staff time sheets will be placed in a binder at the front desk. These employees must go to the front desk to sign their time sheets
  3. Send Reminder Notice
    Email employees to inform them time sheets are ready to be signed and provide the due date.

Verification of Completed Time Sheets and Submission to Payroll.

* Important Note: Once the time sheet has been signed and submitted by the employee, it cannot be returned to the employee if it has a supervisor's signature on it.

  1. Gather the following:
    • Employees' signed time sheets
    • Department's Monthly Time Sheet Check List or Biweekly Employee Roster
    • Leave Request forms for the pay period
    • Supervisor Time Sheet Signature Folders
  2. Verify employee signature
    When employee returns his/her signed time sheet, verify that employee has signed it, and then place a check mark in the "Time Sheet Signed" column of the Monthly Time Sheet Check List or Biweekly Roster.
  3. Verify Time & Effort Reporting for Sponsored Projects and Other Activities
    Supervisors must verify accuracy of percent of time reported by employees on sponsored project or other activity. Department staff must verify that percentages of effort are being report and that the total of all percentages reported is equal to 100.
  4. Verify Leave
    Check each time sheet to see if any leave hours are reported. If so, attach the approved leave request. If there is no approved leave form, contact the employee to resolve the discrepancy.
  5. Obtain supervisor signature
    Place the time sheets in the supervisor's time sheet signature folder and place in the supervisor's box. Send email to all supervisors that time sheets are in their boxes and are due back immediately.
  6. Verify supervisor signatures
    When supervisors return the time sheets, verify that all signatures are there, employee and supervisor(s). Note that some employees have multiple assignments. If so, make sure that both supervisors have signed. If not resubmit to the supervisor who did not sign.
  7. Obtain DBA signature (Biweekly Time Sheets only)
    Submit all biweekly time sheets to the DBA for certifying signature.
  8. Place a check mark in the "Time Sheet Submitted" column to indicate that the time sheet is completed and signed and being sent to Payroll.
  9. If any time sheets are missing, contact the employee.
  10. Make copies
    Make a copy of all time sheets and submit to Payroll Data Entry clerk for recording of lost time.
  11. Hand Deliver Original Time Sheets to Payroll
    Hand deliver time sheets to the Payroll box in the basement of E. Cullen before the deadline, which is usually noon on the date due.
  12. Data enter hours in the Biweekly Employee Roster (Biweekly time sheets Only)
    1. Input hours - enter the total number of hours reported by category (regular hours, sick leave, vacation, etc) in the Biweekly Employee Roster for the pay period.
    2. Print the Biweekly Employee Roster and file in the Payroll Verification Folder of the pay period.
  13. Data enter lost time in the Lost Time Register
    Stamp "Entered" on the time sheet copy.
  14. File the time sheet copies in the pay period folder
    Be sure that leave request forms are attached to the matching time sheet. File the Roster in the Payroll Verification folder.
  15. If time sheets are submitted after the deadline, a memo from the DBA and signed by the Chair must be accompany the time sheet.

Trial Payroll Verification

Each pay period, HR will notify departments when the trial payroll report is ready to be run. Additionally, the trial run dates are listed on the payroll calendar.

  1. Gather the following:
    • Get the Department's Biweekly Roster or Monthly Roster
  2. Verify Trial Report for accuracy:
    1. Using the Employee Roster, verify the following information against the Trial Payroll Report:
      • Name
      • Rate
      • Gross pay
    2. Place a check mark on the Trial Payroll Report next to name and/or amount to indicate the information is accurate.
    3. If there are any discrepancies, notify the DBA and resolve it before the trial verification deadline. MAKE SURE TO MAKE A NOTE OF BOTH THE DISCREPANCY AND THE RESOLUTION ON THE TRIAL PAYROLL REPORT.
    4. Add to the Trial Report the names of any employees who are missing.
  3. Sign and date the Trial Payroll Report. Obtain DBA signature also.
  4. File the Trial Payroll Report and the Employee Roster in the "Payroll Verification" folder of the pay period

Final Payroll Verification

Each pay period, HR will notify departments when the final payroll report is ready to be run. Additionally, the final run dates are listed on the payroll calendar.

  1. Gather the following:
    • Print the Final Payroll Verification Report.
    • Get the Trial Payroll Report from the Payroll Verification Folder of the Pay Period.
  2. Compare the Final to the Trial to make sure that the information matches and that any changes requested to the Trial appear on the Final. Place a check mark on the Final if all info is accurate. Make a note on the Final of any discrepancies.
  3. Sign and date the Final Payroll Report. Obtain DBA signature also.
  4. File the final payroll report in the ";Payroll Verification" folder of the pay period.

Paycheck Verification

Each payday, the college will notify departments when paychecks are ready to be picked up. Departments will be given the following:

  • Check:
    • Direct Deposit Pay Stubs
    • Actual paychecks
  • Check Registers:
    • Advice Signature Register for direct deposits
    • Check Signature Register for actual paychecks
  1. Gather the following:
    • Checks
    • Check Registers
    • Final Payroll Verification Report.
  2. Verify Checks Match Registers
    Compare the Check Registers to the paychecks and direct deposit slips to ensure a paycheck or Direct Deposit slip is attached for each employee listed on the register.
  3. Verify the Paycheck against the Final Payroll Report
    1. Using the Final Payroll Report, verify that a paycheck has been received for each employee and the amounts are correct.
    2. Place a check mark next to the employee name on the Final Payroll Report to indicate that the paycheck is accurate.
  4. Sign and date the "Reviewed by" section of each Check register.
  5. File actual Paychecks in a Check Pick Up Folder. Place the Check Register and paychecks in an appropriately labeled check pick up folder.
  6. Distribute Direct Deposit Slips
    Place the direct deposit slips in envelopes and place in employee mailboxes.
  7. Direct Deposit Register Approval
    Place the Direct Deposit Register in the DBA box for signature.
  8. Distribute Checks
    Follow procedures for check distribution as outlined in the "Paycheck Procedures" section.

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