Payroll (cont'd)

Purpose: This document sets forth requirements for maintaining and updating employee personal information.
References: Human Resources Procedures
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Review and Responsibility:
  • Responsible Party: Director, NSM Business Operations
  • Review: Every two years, on or before August 31
  • Director, NSM Business Operations - Fred McGhee
  • Dean, NSM - John Bear
  • Date of Dean's Approval: 09/01/2008

Payroll Reallocations


  • Departments must ensure that payroll reports are reviewed monthly. Any incorrectly posted payment must be reallocated within 90 days of the transaction date's financial closing period.
  • Departments must run PeopleSoft Payroll Fiscal Year Suspense Report after each bi-weekly and monthly payroll final trial and process the required reallocations.

Step by Step Procedures

A. Procedure for Payroll Reallocations (non-suspense reallocations): Payroll reallocations of all types except those from suspense as described in the next section are to be processed as outlined here.

  • Department prepares payroll reallocation form. Purpose/benefit statement must include: a) the date the transaction posted, b) the reason the reallocation is required, and c) what action has been taken to prevent the need for future reallocations.
  • Reallocation form is signed by employee, supervisor, and certifying signatory. Note: If cost centers from different departments are involved, the certifying signature of each department is required.
  • Send reallocation form to OCG if a grant cost center is being debited or credited. Otherwise, forward directly to Payroll.
  • Attachments must include:
    • Timesheet (OCG requirement)
    • Late Justification Memo (OCG requirement if more than 90 days late). Must include explanation for why the reallocation is needed and how the department will avoid future reallocations of this type.
    • Position Request/PAR (if applicable to support the request).
    • PeopleSoft Paycheck Data printout, showing the pay period of the check (optional for department, but recommended because the Pay Period ID on the Reallocation form may not be the actual pay period if the check was issued on an off-cycle period.)

B. Procedure for Payroll Reallocation from University Suspense For Grants ONLY: Payroll reallocations from suspense that are necessary for the following reasons AND that are being reallocated within 30 days: Acceptable Reasons:

  • Payroll posts to suspense due to late processing of a PAR or Position Request. Positions not funded by the 15th of the month will post to either the suspense cost center or the last cost center funded.
  • Partial payroll posts to suspense due to a PeopleSoft system error. Fringe and insurance stipends may post incorrectly if the funding in the PeopleSoft budget table is not set up correctly. Some fringe and insurance stipends require manual entry.


  • Department prepares payroll reallocation form to clear the suspense item.
  • Department certifying signatory only will sign (would not require signature of employee and supervisor).
  • Department will attach a copy of the position request that shows the position funding was appropriately requested.
  • Payroll reallocation form will be sent to OCG for review/approval.
  • This would apply only to suspense items that are cleared within 30 days.
  • Insurance Stipends: If a position is locally funded, the insurance stipend should be treated exactly as regular pay is distributed. If the position is state funded, it should be distributed to the pool account. If it is not distributing correctly, send an email to Marli Bober and/or Margaret Busch to ask that the additional pay panel be adjusted to distribute to the correct cost center for certain employee i.d.'s. Payroll will adjust the entry for all future distributing and will reallocate the past distributions that were incorrect.

For Grants That Do Not Meet The Criteria Above:

  • Prepare reallocation
  • Obtain signatures of employee, supervisor, and certifying signature
  • Attach necessary back up as described in the section above titled "Procedure for Payroll Reallocations (non-suspense reallocations)"
  • Submit to OCG

For Non-Grants:

  • Departments must identify and confirm the correct source of funding
  • The reallocation may be submitted by writing the correct funding source directly on the suspense report
  • Obtain DBA signature
  • Forward directly to Payroll

Avoiding Future Reallocations

To eliminate the need for future payroll reallocations, departments should correct the funding source from which the position is paid, if applicable.

  • Determine if the employee was paid on the correct position number. If not, prepare a PAR to assign the employee to the correct position.
  • Check the PeopleSoft Department Budget Table to determine if the position is correctly funded. If not, prepare a Position Request to make the correction.
  • Verify that there is a record on the department budget table for the position for the current fiscal year with the correct department ID. If not, send a PRF to the budget office to get it set up.
  • Verify that the employee's job record department ID for the position matches the position record Department ID and in turn, does that match the department budget table record. If not, the distribution will send it to suspense.
  • Verify that the job record department ID and position match the paycheck data on the additional information panel. If not, it will go to suspense.

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