Property Management (cont'd)

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for the proper management and control of university property.
References: MAPP 03.03.01, Property Management Handbook
PT. I: Policy Statement PT. X: Interdepartmental Loans
PT. II: Definitions PT. XI: Equipment Transfers
PT. III: General Provisions PT. XII: Excess Equipment
PT. IV: Identification PT. XIII: Removing Equipment From Campus
PT. V: Tags PT. XIV: Theft
PT. VI: How Equipment is Tagged PT. XV: Assignment of Responsibility
PT. VII: Annual Inventory PT. XVI: Change of Property Custodian
PT. VIII: Maintenance PT. XVII: Important Notes
PT. IX: Cannibalization PT. XVIII: NSM Guidelines for Disposal of Equipment and Solid Waste in SR1
Review and Responsibility:
  • Responsible Party: Director, NSM Business Operations
  • Review: Every two years, on or before August 31
  • Director, NSM Business Operations - Fred McGhee
  • Dean, NSM - John Bear
  • Date of Dean's Approval: 09/01/2008

IX: Cannibalization

Equipment may not be cannibalized under any circumstances without approval from Property Management. Requests for cannibalization will be approved upon demonstration that such action will best serve the university's interests. For authorization, use form Property Action Form and request removal from department inventory by means of cannibalization. Once authorization is obtained and cannibalization is complete, the remaining parts and tag should be transferred to Property Management.

X: Interdepartmental Loans

When a department loans capital equipment to another, it is considered a temporary transfer. University property may be loaned from one department to another only for the purpose of conducting official business, and may not be loaned to individuals or organizations outside the university. The lending department must complete form Property Action Form for Property Management approval. When the equipment is returned, the borrower must notify Property Management by a copy of the original Property Action Form with the return date and signature of the property custodian verifying receipt.

XI: Equipment Transfers

Equipment transfers between university departments are not financial transactions. Forms such as SCRs (Interdepartmental Transaction) are not to be used for department transfers. When a department wishes to make interdepartmental equipment transfers, the property custodian must submit a completed Property Action Form to Property Management for approval. If Physical Plant personnel are required to move the item, a work request for movers is attached to the Property Action Form. Property Management will forward the work request with the completed Property Action Form to Physical Plant as required. Do not submit a work request without Property Action Form.

XII: Excess Equipment

All equipment in excess of the needs of the department should be turned in to Property Management so that another department may use the existing equipment rather than having to make a new purchase. Authorization to move items to Property Management storage s requested on form Property Action Form. If Physical Plant personnel are required to move equipment to Property Management storage facilities, a Work Request should accompany form Property Action Form.

XIII: Removing Equipment From Campus

  • Any university equipment, once tagged, may be removed from the campus only when necessary to conduct official university business.
  • Any employee who has university property at an off-campus location is responsible for that property and should consider providing insurance coverage under his or her own personal property insurance. The department as the option of scheduling its computers on the University of Houston master computer insurance policy.
    Portable equipment used for student educational purposes (e.g. video cameras in the RTV department) is tagged and listed in the inventory, but as it is purchased for student use, it is expected to be removed from campus frequently. Therefore, the responsibility for monitoring its use lies with the property custodian.
  • Equipment may be temporarily removed from campus for repairs or maintenance; however, it is the property custodian's responsibility to monitor its location and ensure that the equipment is returned to the university campus once the needed repairs or maintenance work have been completed. Requests for removal should be in writing and approved by the property custodian or the college/division administrator. The property custodian is responsible for maintaining records regarding the temporary removal of equipment from campus for repairs or maintenance. These records are to be made available, upon request, to Property Management.
    Requests for Property Management's approval must be made prior to the move, using form PRP-2. Property Management will approve an off-campus location for equipment for a specific period of time, which may not extend past the end of the fiscal year. If the property is needed for a longer time, the employee may renew the approval, without physically returning the equipment, by submitting form PRP-2 (see sample in MAPP 03.03.01) prior to the beginning of the new fiscal year. It is important to note that off-campus equipment must be reported on the annual inventory.
  • Should the property be lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed, the employee must reimburse the university, whether it is by an insurance check or personal funds.

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