Telephone & Long Distance

Purpose:  To provide departmental policy and procedures for telecommunication and long distance reporting.
References:  MAPP 10.03.05
Printing Reports and Steps
Review and Responsibility: 
  • Responsible Party: Director, NSM Business Operations
  • Review: Every two years, on or before August 31
  • Director, NSM Business Operations - Fred McGhee
  • Dean, NSM - John Bear
  • Date of Dean's Approval: 09/01/2008


  • Print the reports from the web each month as they become available.
  • Divide the report into two parts:
    • The detail reports showing 1-800 or long distance calls
    • The Summary reports by cost center
  1. Stamp each of the detail reports showing long distance or 1-800 charges.
  2. Check them off against a copy of the master list of long distance codes in the department.
  3. Label that master list with the current month and three-hole punch it.
  4. Stamp each of the summary reports with the stamp for Administrator or PI verification.
  5. Make a copy of the summary report with the stamp.
  6. Distribute the original to the PIs and appropriate staff members.
  7. Three-hole punch and keep the copies in a binder with the master list.
  8. Replace the copy with the original as verified forms are returned and check off on the master list as returned.
  9. If reports are not returned by the end of the next period include a copy of the last report with the current with a reminder to return.

Summary Reports by Cost Center

  1. File the detail reports in the appropriate account folder for reconciliation purposes.
  2. Give a copy of the detail showing the list of equipment charges to the departmental cost center to the Department Administrator each month.
  3. No ledger 5 should have equipment charges; verify that this is the case before filing in the account folder.
  4. Email any discrepancies in the report to telecommunications and keep a copy of the email as a reminder to check for correction until the problem is resolved.